Hebridean Sheep

We currently have both 2 horned and 4 horned unrelated Hebridean males and females available for sale. We can provide starter flocks, which we often do in conjunction with other breeders.

Please contact us via the contact page for more information.

Hebridean Tup Hire

We appreciate that not everybody may have the room or indeed wish to keep a Hebridean tup. To keep our genetics broad we use multiple tups on smaller groups of females and thus carry more tups than most flocks. We therefore often have 2 or 4 horned registered tups or tup lambs available. These arrangements are best done well in advance of tupping time (November) albeit if you find yourself without a tup close to tupping time get in touch and we will see what we can do. Please contact us via the contact page for more information.


We generally do boxes of either half or whole Hebridean Hogget, butchered to your own specifications (advice can be given), ocassionally we can provide mutton also. These can be couriered within the UK at cost. If you only wish a specific joint to try please get in touch also.

This year we have also crossed a small number of Hebrideans with a Southdown tup and  have a limited availability in this area also.

For further information on meat available please contact us via the contact page.


Please contact us via the contact page if you are looking for Hebridean fleeces, we also have a small number of mainly coloured Shetland fleeces also. The fleeces can be posted at cost.

Poultry & Hatching Eggs

We have a number of breeds of poultry including among others Light Sussex, Black Orpington & Cream Legbar in large Fowl and White Wyandotte and Dutch Bantams in Black, Pyle and Crele

At various times of the year we have surplus stock and / or hatching eggs. Please contact us via the contact page with your requirements and we will advise on availability.